Connection Issue - Can't create table

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Connection Issue - Can't create table

Post by berlinpose2 » Sat 13 Jun 2020 18:28

Hey guys,

After successfully defining the connection and logging in I can use the software OK - do queries, browse data, etc.

However if I am trying to create a table using the wizard I get an "ORA-01031 insufficient privileges" error. If I copy the SQL created by the wizard in an SQL window, I get the same error.

If I paste the SQL in a Toad, same connection, same user, everything, the table gets created without any problem.

What is going on? How could I investigate this?

Thank you,appvalley tutuapp tweakbox
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Re: Connection Issue - Can't create table

Post by alexa » Mon 15 Jun 2020 08:43

Could you please provide us the versions of the Oracle server and dbForge?

Please also perform the following:
1. Select 'Tools -> Options...' from the main menu. The 'Options' window opens.
2. Navigate to the 'Environment -> Output' branch.
3. Select the 'Write queries sent by the program to the SQL Log' and 'Log application errors' options.
4. Unselect the 'Delete application log after closing' option. Click 'OK'.
5. Reproduce the issue and send us the *.log file with the latest date from the folder:

Code: Select all

%SystemDrive%\Users\%UserName%\AppData\Roaming\Devart\dbForge Studio for Oracle\
You can send the reply straight to our support system at supportATdevartDOTcom.

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Re: Connection Issue - Can't create table

Post by petersongame217 » Mon 10 May 2021 14:13

I am able to fix my issue using this method. Thank you for posting and I am able to look for a solution and your post able to help others. concrete contractors knoxville

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Re: Connection Issue - Can't create table

Post by xwavethree » Sun 16 May 2021 12:42

From the MySQL - FOREIGN KEY Constraints Documentation: If you re-create a table that was dropped, it must have a definition that conforms to the foreign key constraints referencing it. It must have the correct column names and types, and it must have indexes on the referenced keys, as stated earlier.

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