dbForge Data Compare for Oracle connection issue

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dbForge Data Compare for Oracle connection issue

Post by DaveTP » Thu 15 Aug 2019 13:21

I'm currently trialling "dbForge Data Compare for Oracle" but I'm having issues connecting to our database.

It doesn't appear to be let me select a connection type other than "Direct" when I want to connect using TNS.
The connection type field is greyed out and already populated with "Direct" and the drop down to change this value is unresponsive.

I have Oracle Instant Client 19.3 installed and the following tnsnames.ora and sqlnet.ora files in the /network/admin folder
(ADDRESS = (PROTOCOL = TCPS)(HOST = myhost.co.uk) (PORT = 9999))


I have the relevant ORACLE_HOME and TNS_ADMIN system variable setup.

Using the above I can successfully connect to the database using both SQLPLUS and Oracle SQLDeveloper 19.1 (using TNS).

Is this a limitation of the data compare software/trial or can you tell me what I'm missing?

If TNS is unavailable, can you let me know how I populate the Direct connection screen to connect using TCPS and oracle wallet?



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Re: dbForge Data Compare for Oracle connection issue

Post by alexa » Thu 15 Aug 2019 15:27

In case you are using a 32-bit Oracle client on a 64-bit operating system, you have to install dbForge Studio for Oracle with the mention of 32-bit http://www.devart.com/dbforge/oracle/st ... nload.html

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