Editing an existing Table Adapter

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Editing an existing Table Adapter

Post by Zero-G. » Sat 19 May 2007 09:24


I have a Table Adapter, created by the DataSet Wizzard.
The query goes over two tables with a relation. In the item Box of the Form (vb2005) I see the following:
1 DataSet (dtsBrille)
2 TableAdapters (TableAdapterKunden, TableAdapterAerzte)
2 BindingSources (BindingSourceKunden, BindingSourceAerzte)

Now, I want to edit the SQL of the child Table(Aerzte). - When I click on to Tools->mySQL->DataSet Wizzard, and choose the DataSet (dtsBrille), I get an error, that I have to delete the relation first.
Then I wen to the DataSet Wizzar(Microsoft) and deleted the relation. - After that, I tried again, but it also did not work.

How to solve this?


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Post by Alexey » Mon 21 May 2007 09:23

What version of MySQLDirect .NET do you use?
Could you send me a test project?

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