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Profile Provider - stumped on how to Manage the data

Posted: Sat 12 May 2007 18:26
by Cody21
OK - a week later, here I am again ... sorry. I've really tried. I've read everything I can find in your documentation .. and found nothing more than a basic reference to the Profile provider in the Provider Model Support page. I found plenty of examples for how to do this with normal SQL & VS2005; but they don't fit Corelab's implementation ... at least that I can find.

So, I drop a GRIDVIEW onto a new page and Configure new datasource. I think that the ObjectDataSource is what I need to configure. So I add it. None of the addtional scroll down items make any sense to me as to what I need to do to Select/Update/Delete/etc. It seems to have a list of about 40 Corelab "items", as well as something call "CommonProfile" .. Anything I select requires additonal parms, etc. I have 5 new fields I added to PROFLE seciton in my Web.Config. How do I (1) get these created n the database? and (2) Manage the data?

Do you have any documentation or SAMPLES on how this is configured? I am seriously stumped. Thanks in advance.

Posted: Mon 14 May 2007 08:27
by Alexey
Please look carefully at our WebProviders demo project. It includes functionality for profile management as well.

Posted: Mon 14 May 2007 16:06
by Cody21
Thanks for the direction Alexey... OK, 3 hours later here's what's going on.

1. I uninstalled and reinstalled 4.x -- just to make sure everything was "clean" in the SAMPLES.

2. The "tables.sql" that comes in SAMPLES does NOT appear to be the correct set of commands for building the Roles/Membership "test". I created a NEW DB using the "InstallWebTables.sql" ...

3. I opened the Web Providers solution and ran the "users.sql" against that database I just created. It created 2 ids - root & user. I can't see the password since it is "hashed" ... I'm assuming the p/w is the same as the id created?

4. I launched the default.aspx page and tried to LOGIN - using root/root as well as user/user ... It fails to allow me to login ("Your LOGIn atempt was unsuccessful.")

5. I tried to CREATE a user as well from that default.aspx -- I get the error: "Error occured: Duplicate entry '7cce01d6-ed2a-467a-86a0-49c30fa44893' for key 1 Check if user "root" with password "root" and user "user" with password "user" already exist."

I'm a a loss what's going on here and can't get this web provider sample to work. I'll keep plugging away at this until I hear back from you. Thanks.

Posted: Mon 14 May 2007 16:45
by Alexey
This could happen because you opened this project in non-common way.
Anyway, try to add the following attribute to the Membership provider:
P.S. You were right about the passwords.

Posted: Mon 14 May 2007 16:52
by Cody21
hmm.. not sure about the "non standard way" ... but in any case, I added that line and it now allows me to LOGIN ... and change the Profile parms after loggin in. However I still cannot CREATE a user --- is that *supposed* to work on that screen? When I click on CREATE, I still get:

Error occured: Duplicate entry '7cce01d6-ed2a-467a-86a0-49c30fa44893' for key 1 Check if user "root" with password "root" and user "user" with password "user" already exist.

Thanks for the quick response Alexey. (you must be in class? lol )

Posted: Mon 14 May 2007 19:44
by Alexey
By executing users.sql script you have created two users in your membership database. That's why MySQL doesn't allow to create them again, because this would violate unique constraint. If you clean up your database, "Create user" link will work.

Posted: Mon 14 May 2007 20:05
by Cody21
OK - thanks Alexey ...

(now get some sleep ... lol )