Can I purchase MySQLDirect Version 3.20?

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Can I purchase MySQLDirect Version 3.20?

Post by Rilwan » Sun 22 Apr 2007 10:01


I am leading a project that uses LLBL Gen PRO for OR mapping. This product requires that I have CoreLab.MySQL version It seems like this comes with the installer for MySQL Direct.NET version 3.20.
I purchased MySQL Direct.NET version 4.X a few days ago and it does NOT work with LLBL Gen PRO.

I really need to use LLBL Gen PRO for our project as it is the ONLY way we will meet our deadline and budget constraints.

LLBL Gen PRO is not willing to create another version of their tool that uses the CoreLab.MySQL version 4.x, so this means that LLBL Gen Pro customers like me MUST install the MySQL Direct.NET version 3.20. for LLBL Gen Pro to work.

I DO NOT MIND paying for MySQL Direct.NET version 3.20. I did pay $150 for a professional 4.X license last week. I purchased it under email account.Please let me know what I need to do in order to get MySQL Direct.NET version 3.20. from you.
I do need to start working on the OR mapping with LLBL Gen PRO as soon as possible.

Thank you for your cooperation.


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Post by Alexey » Tue 24 Apr 2007 08:34

This problem is going to be solved by building a special edition of LLBLGenPro for MySQLDirect .NET 4.0.

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