Multiple web users causes web pages to be unresponsive

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Multiple web users causes web pages to be unresponsive

Post by monty700 » Thu 29 Mar 2007 18:18

We have developed an ASP.NET web interface for our product. We're using MySQL v3.50.13. The main web page uses an ASP.NET GridView with custom paging implemented. Each load of the page opens a connection to the database, queries the data and closes the connection.

When one user is accessing the web page there's no problem but when more than one user starts using it both user's pages become unresponsive and never loads.

In looking at the server the aspnet_wp.exe is taking 60-80% of the CPU. At first I was thinking that it was an ASP.NET / IIS problem but now I'm thinking it could be something related to the way I'm using the Core Lab MySQL objects.

I've read stuff about connection pooling but the bottom line is that I don't know what the problem is.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Post by Alexey » Fri 30 Mar 2007 13:47

Try to use the latest version of MySQLDirect .NET.
Try to debug your application.

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