Technical Problems with Licensing

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Technical Problems with Licensing

Post by Alexey » Thu 01 Feb 2007 12:58

To prevent unauthorized usage of our products we use .NET component licensing.

To help you master component licensing we created Licensing Information dialog, where you can easily diagnose and solve technical problems related to licensing. To invoke the dialog choose Tools | MySQL | License Information menu item.

If the dialog does not help you should read the Licensing topic in the product documentation.

Below are descriptions of most common problems related to component licensing, so you can analyse and solve them yourself.

License not found...
This generally indicates that license information could not be found, or you try to apply it in some way that does not suit the kind of your application. Note that when MyDirect .NET is installed, all licensing errors and warnings are suppressed, so when you deploy your project you may get the "License not found... " exception.
This problem may occur over one of the following reasons:
  • File licenses.licx, required for MySQLDirect .NET to function properly, could not be found.
    Create a file named licenses.licx and type the line "CoreLab.MySql.MySqlConnection, CoreLab.MySql" in it. Save the file and add it to your project.
  • File App_Licenses.dll not found in ASP.NET 2.0 applications.
    Right-click on the licenses.licx file in the Solution Explorer and choose Build Runtime Licenses command from its context menu. Required assembly will be created automatically.
  • MySqlDataAdapter.Fill method has been called under .NET Compact Framework, but MySqlConnection had never been opened.
    To cope with this problem just open (or open and close) any connection before calling the MySqlDataAdapter.Fill method.
  • You use VC++ in Visual Studio .NET 2002 or 2003.
    It is a known Microsoft's bug. To avoid it you have to add and compile resource manually as described in the "Licensing" topic of Data Provider documentation.
License not valid...
This means that license information was found but it is incorrect.
It usually happens in the following cases:
  • The project was earlier compiled with old or trial version of the data provider.
    Delete all files from bin and obj folders and rebuild the project.
  • The App_Licenses.dll belongs to other application or needs to be recompiled.
    If you encounter this problem, re-execute Build Runtime Licenses command from licenses.licx file context menu in the Solution Explorer.
  • File licenses.config used by a class library does not exist or does not contain the name of the launched executable file which uses this library.
    Create a text file named licenses.config and enumerate names of the executable files that will work with the library in it (every file name on a separate line).
  • You have copied CoreLab.* assemblies to the development machine and registered them in the GAC without performing the installation.
    MySQLDirect .NET cannot be used this way. You have to install it (if you are entitled to).
  • Something's wrong with the operating system or installation of MySQLDirect .NET.
    Try to completely remove MySQLDirect .NET. Make sure that there are no CoreLab.* assemblies on you machine and then install MySQLDirect .NET again.
Sorry, your trial period has expired...
This exception indicates that you used trial version of MySQLDirect .NET, and the 30 days trial period is expired. To continue using MySQLDirect .NET register it. Otherwise remove it completely from your system.
You can also see this message under following circumstances:
  • You have accidently changed the date on your computer.
    In this case you can order another trial version by mailing to support team.
  • You have changed the registry manually.
    Same as above.
  • You had registered version on your PC and now installed the trial one.
    If this is the case download new version from the Registered Users Area and use it to test new functionality.
  • Your application was initially compiled with registered version of MySQLDirect .NET, but deployed with trial CoreLab.MySql.dll assembly.
    Replace old files with the latest assemblies.
If you are definitely sure that you have no concern with the above-mentioned reasons, please create a small application with one MySqlConnection component and send to our support address all source files and compiled binaries so we could investigate the problem detailed.