Is the program faster with the designer, or by coding

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Is the program faster with the designer, or by coding

Post by Zero-G. » Mon 08 Jan 2007 14:28


I come from VB6, where I NEVER used a designer. - Because, I had no idea, what VB is doing in the background.
Now, I bought your product and played around. - Also with the designer.
1) Is the communication between client and server faster with the code generated by the designer, or is it faster, if I open the connection and handle the SQL by myself?
2) How do I handle updates of generated DataSets? (Also with relation) (Updates, Inserts, Delete)So, is there a sample - because the samples, which come with the programm do all use manual connection (as I saw)
3) What is the most save way to store the connection types? ( Password, Port, UserName) - The user has to change it in my programm.

Many questions.... - Hope you can help me! THX

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Post by Alexey » Tue 09 Jan 2007 17:54

1. Designer generates the same code as you could do it yourself.
2. Please refer to our demo projects.
3. This is the programmers' problem. We cannot provide general advice on this because this topic is beyond the scope of our support program.

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