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"Server execution failed" message - V2.70

Posted: Thu 11 Nov 2004 11:11
by peakecentral
Hi there,

I installed version 2.70 of MySQLDirect.

Now whenever I start Visual Studio 2003, I have the message "Server execution failed" appear.

Why is this, and how can I stop it please?

Martin Peake

Posted: Thu 11 Nov 2004 11:35
by peakecentral
Also, whenever I start VS2003, it advises me it is updating help files. This takes a long time before I can continue my work!


Posted: Wed 17 Nov 2004 09:11
by peakecentral

Did anyone read this topic because a reply would be really helpful. At the moment, I cannot use MySQLDirect 2.7 because of this error and because the help is not installed.

I would like a reply, please.

Frustrated of Tewkesbury

Posted: Wed 17 Nov 2004 14:51
by Duke
Unfortunately, we cannot reproduce the error. The problem can be connected with Html Help 2 engine itself not only with MySQLDirect.