New build of MySQLDirect .NET 3.50.13 is available!

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New build of MySQLDirect .NET 3.50.13 is available!

Post by Alexey » Wed 20 Sep 2006 14:53

Dear users,

New build of MySQLDirect .NET 3.50.13 with Turbos support is available for download now.

We are glad to announce that MySQLDirect .NET supports the new development environments from Borland - Turbo Delphi for .NET and Turbo C#. For information on a product click on the image below.

This version also includes:
  • Integration with Visual Studio 2005 Standard Edition supported
  • Licensing for applications that call MySQLDirect .NET through DbProviderFactory added. This allows to use MySQLDirect .NET in SQL Server 2005 Business Intelligence Solutions
  • Bug with detecting fatal errors when using compression fixed
  • Bug with removing users from roles using MySqlRoleProvider fixed
  • Bug with MySqlParameter designer and serialization fixed
  • Bug with processing error messages in result set fixed
  • Bug in DataSet Wizard with generating INSERT/UPDATE/DELETE commands when identifiers require quoting fixed
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