MySQLDirect .NET Mobile Delphi 2006 Howto?

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MySQLDirect .NET Mobile Delphi 2006 Howto?

Post by fjtrooper » Wed 16 Aug 2006 06:26

I've just bought MySqlDirect .net Mobile, and as Oleg Yaroshevych said to me
MySqlMobile doesn't support design time in BDS. Could some one tell me how
do I include Corelab.Mysql.dll in my project, for later be able to use Mysql functions?

If someone could send me a few example lines, I'll be happy.



Post by Serious » Thu 17 Aug 2006 13:01

We do not have an example of using MySQLDirect .NET Mobile with BDS.

You can use our product in the same way as any other standard ADO.NET provider which is distributed with .NET Compact Framework. Use code samples from MySQLDirect .NET documentation to connect to the MySQL Server and perform other actions.

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