Problems with "DateTime" and others...

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Problems with "DateTime" and others...

Post by Guest » Mon 21 Feb 2005 12:23

Hey Guys,

i´ll try to convert my Code to your MySQLDirect-DataProvider. I use the registered "pro version" and there are a view problems...

Problem #1:

If I open my tables with "MySQL-Control Center", my "DateTime"-Fields are shown as "0000-00-00", if they are null. In your DBExplorer, they are shown as "01.01.0001". This is a huge problem, because the "dateTimePicker"-Component of VS.Net uses a "minDate" and "maxDate" to check the values taken from the database. And so i get an exception, if i try to read "null"-DateTime Values using your provider.

The problem is, that the "dateTimePicker"-Component didn´t accept DateTime-Values below "01.01.1753" and so i couldn´t set the default-Value in my code to your interpretation of "null-"DateTime-Values...

How can I solve this problem???

Problem #2:

I use a HR-Interface to read personel data automatically from our HR-Departure. With your provider I get the following exception and i have no idea why...

What´s this???

jlo - germany


Post by Serious » Mon 21 Feb 2005 15:21

We cannot reproduce your problem.
If it is possible send small test project to reproduce the problem; it is
desirable to use 'test' schema objects otherwise include definition of your
own database objects; don't use third party components.

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Post by jlo » Tue 22 Feb 2005 06:49

Hi Oleg,

sorry, but I don´t have the time right now to create a test-application. But i´ll try out another code-samples to solve the problem by myself. If my tests are not successfull, I´ll get once more in contact with you...

jlo - germany

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