Visual Studio .NET Data Connection

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Visual Studio .NET Data Connection

Post by astehman » Tue 01 Aug 2006 16:15

Previously I was trying to use the MySQL connector in .NET but because it is not compatible with .NET's drag and drop capabilities, I am trying the CoreLab plugin. However, when I attempt to set up a TableAdapter using the wizard, and it prompts me to set up a new Connection, which Data Source do I choose? I only get choices of "MS Access Database file", "MS ODBC Data Source", "MS SQL Server", "MS SQL Server Database File", "MS SQL Server Mobile", "Oracle database", and "Other".

Under Data provider, I only see ".NET framework data provider for ODBC", ".NET framework data provider for OLEDB", or .NET framework data providers for Oracle or SQL Server.

I would have expected to see ".NET framework data provider for MySQL"?

Many thanks for your insight!
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Post by Alexey » Wed 02 Aug 2006 06:40

What version of MySQLDirect .NET do you use (Std, Pro, Mobile)?
What version of Visual Studio do you use? Professional or Standard?

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