Problem with TRIAL version Role and Membership providers

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Problem with TRIAL version Role and Membership providers

Post by chris@byteme » Mon 24 Jul 2006 16:29

Hi guys

I'm still testing - I've put together an app using the auth providers and they work great on my dev machine. But when I upload to my server I can't log into the app using any of the user names. This applies ONLY to the providers, normal database calls seem to go through just fine.

Any ideas?



Post by Guest » Mon 24 Jul 2006 20:48


I've managed to resolve this - the issue is that the MySqlDirect.Net provider attribute for "applicationName" is "ApplicationName". The capitalisation is different and very important - this component works perfectly once you change this attribute. My web.config file contains the following:

Hopefully that saves a couple of hours research for somone!


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