Asp.NET 2.0 Web Administration Tool - Need Schemas to build in MySQL?

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Asp.NET 2.0 Web Administration Tool - Need Schemas to build in MySQL?

Post by davidkennedy » Sun 23 Jul 2006 16:54

In studying ASP 2.0 I find that the LOGIN components expect to connect to a database in the Web.Config to store information such as username and password.
When I study examples in training books they provide a SecurityFile.mdf for machines that defaults to MS SQL.
I'm thinking that if I could find out the schemas for this and other files that VS.NET 2005 using ASP expects to have, I could create them and continue using examples in the many ASP.NET 2.0 books I am working with.
Does anyone have these schemas, or know where to find them?
I've installed the MySQL Connector Net 1.0.7 and the Web Administration Tool recognizes the MySQL tools in the Provider Configuration tabsheet under Select a different provider for each feature (advanced) so I've made it that far.
Thank you.

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Post by Alexey » Mon 24 Jul 2006 06:41

There is no version 1.0.7 of MySQLDirect .NET. Please check.
Regarding your question article "Using MySQLDirect .NET in ASP.NET Provider Model" of MySQLDirect .NET help documentation might be useful.

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