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[Delphi] How to Use

Post by David77 » Wed 28 Jun 2006 11:38


I just downloaded the newest version of MySQLDirect .NET and installed it.

After starting Delphi 2005 i found no visual components in the Tool Palette.
So i just started a new .Net Project and added a reference to the .dll File.

I now can connect to my mySQL Database but when i try to start the compiled exe File on a another PC i receive an error message "cant find dll".

So how can i link the dll to my project? Or i have to install the Dll on every client pc? I hope not ;(

and where are the visiual components???


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Post by Alexey » Thu 29 Jun 2006 07:32

To register MySQLDirect .NET components in Delphi Tool Palette follow these steps:
  • Open Delphi or C#Builder IDE and go to "Tool Palette" window;
    Add "MySqlDirect" category using popup menu;
    Select "Installed .NET Components..." from popup menu;
    Go to "Installed .NET Components" tab within opened dialog;
    Check MySqlConnection, MySqlCommand, MySqlDataAdapter, MySqlCommandBuilder, MySqlScript and MySqlMonitor components;
    Press OK button.
To deploy applications written with MySQLDirect .NET you should register run-time assembly "CoreLab.MySql.dll" at Global Assembly Cache (GAC) for appropriate framework or place it in the folder of your application (Bin folder for web projects).

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