Crash mySql with a full-text search

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Olivier Verdin

Crash mySql with a full-text search

Post by Olivier Verdin » Sat 22 Jan 2005 22:31


I have the following problem. I run queries against a full-text search. It works fine 50 times and then mySql hangs out and crash. I restart mySql and I do the same query again and it works. So the query syntax is probably not the issue. I am using a lot of queries and everything is fine but there is something 'special' with the full text search...

Anyone can help me?



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Re: Crash mySql with a full-text search

Post by Oleg » Mon 24 Jan 2005 14:30

Probably there are problems with MySql server. Try to test your queries without using MySqlDirect.NET. Note that if you execute too much queries simultaneously you can overload the server.

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