Does MySQLDirect make use of NonPaged Memory?

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Does MySQLDirect make use of NonPaged Memory?

Post by Stevod » Mon 05 Jun 2006 19:57

I have an application which makes very heavy use of the MySQLDirect.NET connector v3.50.

I appear to have a memory leak where the application eventually uses up all the nonpaged memory in the system (I can see this in Task Manager).

I'm trying to narrow down where the problem may be occur - I don't use non-paged memory in my code, to my knowledge, and I am wondering whether it may be connected to MySQLDirect, or the TCP/IP stack which I'm using to access MySQL.

I'm running 5.0 on Windows XP. Any thoughts would be appreciated.


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Post by Alexey » Tue 06 Jun 2006 07:31

Please send us test project to reproduce the problem; include definition of
your own database objects.

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