^@ at the end of a Query string

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^@ at the end of a Query string

Post by dhammink » Wed 17 May 2006 08:27

Hmmm I'm afraid we have combined the Mysl dataconnector with Corelabs and somwhere mysql interprets the ^@ literally...Not always.

We are performing test , but in a simple form with one dataset and Mysqldataadapter I cannot get it to go wrong

Thanks anyway for looking at the problem and it may be an issue


I have noticed that when I look in the mysql-slowquery.log that all Queries passed to the server by the Corelab MysqlDirect.NET library have ^@ at the end.
(This does not happen by the way with the Corelab MyDac for borland C++ builder)

Untill today it has not caused any problems however now I a query
That looks like select BildNr from v_Anzeigenbilder where SUBSTRING(BildNr,3,4) = "2656"^@;

Where the end is a string in the mysql client this returns an empty set.
While without the ^@ it returns one record (which is correct).

Easy to generate make a table with at least one char field
CREATE TABLE `testaa` (
`id` int(11) NOT NULL,
`name` char(64) default NULL
INSERT INTO testaa VALUES(1,"Alligator Descartes");
INSERT INTO testaa VALUES(2,"Tim Bunce");

select name from testaa where SUBSTRING(name,1,2) = 'Al'^@;
gives me an empty set
select name from testaa where SUBSTRING(name,1,2) = 'Al';
gives me the correct set

Mysql 5.0.21

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Post by Alexey » Wed 17 May 2006 11:15

We can't find where ^@ characters are attached.
Please send us a small test project if possible to reproduce the bug. Also tell us all your configurations.

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