MySQLDirect.NET 3.5 Enterprise Library Support and Installation Question

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MySQLDirect.NET 3.5 Enterprise Library Support and Installation Question

Post by whitehorse » Thu 04 May 2006 13:14

Hi, I am planning to purchase MySQLDirect.NET 3.5 version. I have the following question before I purchase.

1. I want to use Enterprise Library (EL) for .NET 2 with MySQLDirect.NET 3.5, Does it Support EL for .NET 2?

2. Any further information available how to add support for EL for .NET 2?

3. If I want to distribute my application (Install on a Webpage) Can I simply copy the relevant DLL using XCOPY and install on the web server? Or I have to install on the Web server GAC?

4. What is the Support policy of MySQLDirect.NET 3.5? With in a year if new version after 3.5 is released do I have to buy or I am automatically eligible to upgrade?


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Post by Alexey » Thu 04 May 2006 14:58

1. MySQLDirect .NET 3.5 does support Enterprise Library for .NET 2.
2. For more information read "Enterprise Library Data Access Block" article of MySQLDirect .NET help documentation.
3. To deploy applications written with MySQLDirect .NET you may just place assembly "CoreLab.MySql.dll" in the Bin folder of your web project.
4. All subsequent 3.x versions are free.

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