using .net data provider in web forms

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Raffael casagrande

using .net data provider in web forms

Post by Raffael casagrande » Thu 30 Dec 2004 10:55

When I add a Mysqldataadapter and a mysqlconnection in the design mode, they don't work. They even not work if I start the programm in the browser. But in the normal windows form they work(not in a asp page). I do the following steps in the designer to show a data table in a datagrid:

1. I add a new MySqlConnection and add the connection-parameters. This works and I can connect to the database.
2. I add a new MySqlDataAdapter. Then I click right on it and chose "Configure Data Adapter..."
3. I write the select command in the text field, click on preview and choose in the following window the mysqlconnection which I want to use for the DataAdapter. I can see now a preview of the table, so it works.
4. I close the window and click right on the DataAdapter -> Generate Dataset -> I chose now the table which I defined in the configuration with the select command.
5. I have now a dataset and I click right on the dataAdapter -> Fill Dataset -> I choose the dataset.
6. I add a new datagrid on the web form and relate it with the dataset. I can know see the headers column with the title of each column as it is in the database. But there is nothing in there. I can't see any datarows. When I show the page in the browser there is nohthing too.

I use 2003 with the framework 1.1.
English is not my mother language, but I hope you understand it.

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Re: using .net data provider in web forms

Post by Oleg » Wed 05 Jan 2005 13:58

Please see our Web demo project and if you have any problems with it please write to our support email.