New build of dotConnect for MySQL 8.12.1357 is available!

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New build of dotConnect for MySQL 8.12.1357 is available!

Post by Devart » Thu 28 Mar 2019 18:18

Dear users,

New build of dotConnect for MySQL 8.12.1357 is available for download now.

In this version:
  • Visual Studio 2019 Release Candidate 4 is supported
  • The bug with corrupting not Latin-1 characters by Migration Wizard for files with non-unicode encoding is fixed
Entity Developer
  • The bug with the Regenerate Storage / Generate Database Script / Update Database Script From Model functionality for the Geometry and Geography properties in EF5 / EF6 is fixed
Entity Framework support
  • Entity Framework Core 2.2.3 is supported
  • The SQL translation of the following method overloads, that accept the StringComparison argument and return bool, in the System.String class is supported in EF Core 2: Contains, StartsWith, EndsWith, Equals
  • The bug with inserting and updating string data, when config.QueryOptions.NullStringCollation is initialized, is fixed
  • The bug with generating the COALESCE expression in EF Core is fixed
  • The bug with calling DbExecutionStrategy.ShouldRetryOn(Exception), when the first connection fails to open, is fixed

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