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License not found

Post by ryanmhubbard » Thu 06 Apr 2006 16:22

I recently purchased MySQLDirect.Net (3.50 beta). I developed a quick application for testing on my personal computer. Everything worked fine. When I moved the application to the server I got an "License not valid". So on the server I removed the App_license.dll file and rebuilt the license file but not it says "License not found" instead. The App_license.dll is in the bin folder so I don't know what to do. I can't find any documentation that tells me how to get around this one. Can someone please help?


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Post by Alexey » Fri 07 Apr 2006 12:04

The problem might be in the difference between your local and server config files (web.config, machine.config, web_hightrust.config, etc.).
Please specify when exactly the error occurs.

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