Problems after update from MySQLDirect .NET 2.8 to 3.2

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Problems after update from MySQLDirect .NET 2.8 to 3.2

Post by Bender » Sat 11 Mar 2006 21:05


after I updated I had problems on my webserver with some websites.
I created a file licenses.licx recommended from Core Lab and
copied it to my projects. Everthing worked fine exept my DotNetNuke Project.
In DotNetNuke I created my own sub project. In that sub project I use a database connection to a MySQL Database. The DNN project works with SQL Server. I copied the licenses.licx file to my sub project and recompiled it.
Here is a path view of the DNN project:

- bin
- DesktopModules
- MyProject
- ...

The dll files of my sub project are in the DNN bin folder.
I copied the file licenses.licx also to the root path of DNN, but nothing works.
Does anyone know how to fix the problem.

Thanks for any help...

P.S.: the DNN project is working fine exept my own module.

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Post by Paul » Fri 17 Mar 2006 15:18

What type of Visual Studio project do you use for creating DotNetNuke application?
You have to include licenses.licx to one of your libraries. Please check that corresponding *.licenses resource exists in you .dll file after compilation. What exact error message do you get?



Post by Damsel » Tue 11 Jul 2006 20:28

How did you get dotnetnuke working with mysql? which version of Mysql?
I am having a hard time trying to get this setup.

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Post by Alexey » Wed 12 Jul 2006 07:30

Please specify the problem. Did you follow the steps from the previous post?

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