Licensing problem on 3.20.9

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Licensing problem on 3.20.9

Post by athoeni » Wed 08 Mar 2006 22:22

after installing the release 3.20.9
I can't keep my work for a licensing problem.
This is the text in the exception window:

License not found. Please view "Licensing" topic in MySQLDirect .NET documentation for details or contact Core Lab technical support.

Your Solution from the 06.02.2006:
Common solutions of licensing problems are described in 'Licensing' article
in MySQLDirect .NET documentation. Please read it carefully.
Inform us if you cannot read documentation.
If instructions provided there do not help you please specify your .NET
Framework version, MySQLDirect .NET version and type of project you create

doesn't solve the problem. The topic "Licensing" in MySQLDirect.NET documentation can't be found.

Plese tell me what i have to do to solve.



Post by Serious » Thu 09 Mar 2006 12:50

Please specify your .NET Framework version and type of project you create.

If you create Windows application, check if you can use MySQLDirect .NET when creating MySqlConnection component by dropping it to form designer from toolbox (this action creates embedded resource required by licensing schema).

If you create another type of project refer to "Licensing" article in MySQLDirect .NET documentation for instructions on how to solve the problem.

If you cannot read documentation try to launch help in different ways:
1. Use appropriate shortcut in start menu
2. Use command in the IDE: Tools|MySQL|MySQLDirect .NET Help
3. Position cursor in code editor on some class from CoreLab.MySQL namespace
and press F1
4. Download MySQLDirect .NET chm help file

If you performed all steps specified in documentation and your application still doesn't work, send us your test project with compiled binaries. Use e-mail address provided in registration letter.

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