Cannot use Trial - License not valid

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Cannot use Trial - License not valid

Post by Ryan » Fri 24 Feb 2006 21:32

I just installed MySqlDirect today. I created a web page with visual studio and opened it up to see

License not valid. Please view "Licensing" topic in MySQLDirect .NET documentation ...

I downloaded 3.50 beta. How can I used the trial version?


Post by Serious » Mon 27 Feb 2006 14:15

MySQLDirect .NET requires special embedded resource being present in your
application. This resource can be added automatically when you drop
MySqlConnection component to the WinForms designer, or created manually. For
more information refer to 'Licensing' article in MySQLDirect .NET
documentation. Please read it carefully.

Inform us if you cannot read documentation.

If instructions provided there do not help you please make sure you have
newest version of MySQLDirect .NET installed. If you do, specify your .NET
Framework version, MySQLDirect .NET version and type of project you create.

Please inform us if you solved the problem.

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Post by ryanmhubbard » Mon 27 Feb 2006 15:04

I get the following error when trying to open the documentation:

Microsoft Document Explorer cannot be shown because the specified help collection 'ms-help://CoreLab.MySql' is invalid

How can I open this up? Is there another place I can download the docs?

Thanks for the help


Post by Serious » Mon 27 Feb 2006 15:16

Please check if you can launch help in different ways:
1. Use appropriate shortcut in start menu
2. Use command in the IDE: Tools|MySQL|MySQLDirect .NET Help
3. Position cursor in code editor on some class from CoreLab.MySQL namespace and press F1
4. Download MySQLDirect .NET chm help file


Post by Guest » Mon 27 Feb 2006 17:56

I hate to be a pain and thank you for helping me. I opened the help via visual studio but cannot find a licensing article. I get a help contents like:
- Overview
- Getting Started
- User Interface Concepts
- Walkthroughs

I cannot find a licensing article anywhere in that documentation.

In the there is a licensing article but on every help page i get a "The page cannot be displayed"

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Post by December » Tue 28 Feb 2006 09:20

Regarding CHM documentation problems, please take a look at the following topic:
Regarding Visual Studio documentation, you were actually browsing MySQL Developer Tools help, not MySQLDirect .NET. Try again to perform steps mentioned above or read the FAQ included in MySQLDirect .NET installation.

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