dotConnect for MySQL 8.1 is released!

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dotConnect for MySQL 8.1 is released!

Post by Devart » Thu 31 Oct 2013 14:23

Dear users,

Devart is glad to announce the release of the new version of dotConnect for MySQL, enhanced database connectivity solution, built over the ADO.NET architecture, that supports Entity Framework and LinqConnect ORM solutions.

New version of dotConnect for MySQL offers you support for Visual Studio 2013 and Entity Framework v6.

Now, with dotConnect for MySQL, you can use such new Entity Framework features as improved warm up time (view generation), Code-Based Configuration, Dependency Resolution, creating a DbContext with an already opened connection, etc. dotConnect for MySQL allows using new Entity Framework v6 Code First features: Custom Code First Conventions, Code First Mapping to Insert/Update/Delete Stored Procedures and others.

Here is the complete list of dotConnect for MySQL 8.1.26 features:
  • Visual Studio 2013 is supported
  • The behaviour is changed: installation with the /VERYSILENT install parameter will uninstall the other version of the provider without any dialog box if it is installed
  • The bug with SJIS encoding when data is inserted via a parameter is fixed
  • The bug with using ExtendedMembership provider in a multithreaded application is fixed
  • The bug related to the "Connection must be opened" error when rolling back a transaction if a connection has been already closed, is fixed
Entity Developer
  • Entity Framework 6 is supported
  • The bug with IntelliSense when working with T4 Editor in Visual Studio 2012 is fixed
Entity Framework support
  • The 6.0.0 and 6.0.1 versions of Entity Framework are supported
  • The behaviour is changed: Entity Data Model Wizard shows a more detailed error message in case of connecting to unsupported database or using incorrect provider manifest tokens
Devart development team