Huge Memory Leak Issue with MySqlDirect.NET

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Huge Memory Leak Issue with MySqlDirect.NET

Post by samsd » Mon 16 Jan 2006 17:38

I am using “CoreLab.MySql.dll” for .net framework v1.0 (licensed version) in my application. While using, I encountered with some serious memory related issues.

Here is the issue,

I am creating objects of CoreLab to connect MySQL DB in many places via Multithreading, what I wonder is even after disposing CoreLab objects, Its still alive on Gen 2 heap. Because of this reason my application is garbing a huge amount of physical memory (ie, object is not reallocating or disposing).

I can see the memory allocation of the adpater object using CLRProfiler (Allocation graph for objects). If needed, i can send you the graph. Please give the email address for the same.

Can you please help me?

With Regards
Saam S D

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Re: Huge Memory Leak Issue with MySqlDirect.NET

Post by vinupk » Tue 17 Jan 2006 07:21


I am also facing memory related issue with the same version of Corelab connection object.

I am calling "OpenConnection" about 107 times through my app. I can see around 70% of total memory is allocated to "Corelab.Cryptography.q"

Do any buddies face issue like this? Please tell me what I should do to avoid this memory leakage.

Any reply is appreciable.



Post by Serious » Tue 17 Jan 2006 09:41

We are investigating this problem right now. We think we will be able to include fix in the next build. We cannot specify date of the build.

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