New build of dotConnect for MySQL 7.6.252 is available!

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New build of dotConnect for MySQL 7.6.252 is available!

Post by Devart » Thu 30 May 2013 13:53

Dear users,

New build of dotConnect for MySQL 7.6.252 is available for download now.

In this version:
  • The bug with WebSecurity.Login() used with wrong credentials is fixed
  • The bug with WebSecurity.CreateUserAndAccount() when setting a value for the propertyValues parameter is fixed
LinqConnect (formerly known as LINQ to MySQL)
  • The bug with inserting dependent entity when the main entity has a key generator for the primary key property and DbGenerated is set to False is fixed
  • The bug with duplicate columns in an ORDER BY statement when using eager loading for several tables is fixed
  • The bug related to working with unmapped class members is fixed
Entity Developer
  • The "WCF DataMember Attribute on Navigation Properties" property is added to the DbContext and POCO templates for pointing the end (-s) where the attribute should be generated
  • The bug with placing tables names in the root of the "Choose change action" page of Update From Database Wizard is fixed
  • The bug with generating NRE when setting the output of the template to the unloaded project is fixed
  • The bug with adding many-to-many associations when one of the sides of the association is involved in the inheritance is fixed (LinqConnect)
Entity Framework support
  • The bug with setting config.DatabaseScript.Table.StorageEngine for Code-First Migrations is fixed
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