slow debugging with and vs05?

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slow debugging with and vs05?

Post by shutterstock » Thu 22 Dec 2005 17:56

Anybody having a problem with debugging with VS05 and

I get the balloon popup that MS visual studio is working hard in the background..... and it literally takes 20-30 seconds to get to the breakpoint... then if i try to step (F11) - the thread just exists..

I haven't had this problem without using in a debug environ.

also - no exceptions are thrown before i reach this breakpoint - and no exceptions are thrown when i step (i have the debugger set to break on ALL even catched ones)

anybody else?



Post by Serious » Mon 26 Dec 2005 09:16

We did not encounter such problem.
The problem might be in your project configuration (check for instance if you have 'Enable unmanaged code debugging' turned on in your project - this can seriously slow debugging).

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