Cant deploy latest Version over Click once?

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Tie Cie

Cant deploy latest Version over Click once?

Post by Tie Cie » Thu 22 Dec 2005 10:40

I tested the latest Version of the MySQL direct driver and VS2005 RTC. In my Project-File I included all dll's (wich are the right dll's - Have I to include the Policy-Files also?) and sett the File-Properties to "include" to copy the files to the output-directory.

If I now try to use Click-Once Deployment on another machine - using the MySQL driver fails: "Driver has to be insert to the GAC" wich a Click-Once Deploment can't do?

What ist the working idea to use click once?

Regards, T. Claus


Post by Serious » Fri 23 Dec 2005 07:55

Policy files are not required when you create new project. Check if you can use ClickOnce Deployment without these files.

Check also if you encounter specified problem when deploying another assembly (not CoreLab.MySql.dll). If problem occurs only with CoreLab.MySql.dll assembly please send us ClickOnce Error Log.

Tie Cie
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OK, it seems to copy, but.. (DBProviderFactory)

Post by Tie Cie » Sat 24 Dec 2005 11:57

whats the right way: to add the dll as a Reference, or simply to add the dll in the filelist and mark it as "content" and "copy to output dir"?

Another - more important problem is: I use the driver in a DbProvider-Factory - environment.
It seems that I have to manually registry the provider as a new factory If I use Click Once.
There might be an entry to the app.config - file to enable Factoreis, som,ething like:

( I now this Sample is not from Corelab-Provider, but the sample here dont work for me..)

Can you give the right entry?
Thorsten Claus

Marry x-Mas..


Post by Serious » Tue 03 Jan 2006 12:00

It is better to add CoreLab.MySql.dll assembly as reference to your project and set 'Publish Status' of this item to 'Include'.

machine.config entry you've provided is invalid. Correct value is added automatically when installing MySQLDirect .NET. Invariant provider name is 'MySQLDirect.NET Data Provider'.

More detailed (including licensing issues) Provider Factory is discussed here.

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