Licence Expired issue on 3.20.5

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Post by Serious » Tue 03 Jan 2006 12:27

Let's perform some simple steps to make sure you don't have configuration problems.

1. Remove MySQLDirect .NET and all CoreLab.* assemblies from your system.
2. Install latest version of provider.
3. Create new WindowsApplication project, in WinForms designer put MySqlConnection on the form, fill all required properties and open connection using 'Connect...' verb. Make sure that connection is opened (check server version in Property editor).
4. Add some logic to the program and run it. Make sure you can open connection. If not, check with debugger version of assembly CoreLab.MySql.dll that is loaded by application.

Please inform us about this test results.


What is going on at corelabs! Is an update being worked on?

Post by Chadm3 » Thu 05 Jan 2006 14:03

Still get licensed expired or invalid after following the last instructions posted.

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Post by Paul » Sun 08 Jan 2006 12:11

Please make small project (web application or executable application) with one MySqlConnection and license. Please compile it and send us to MySQLDirect .NET support address sources and exe, dll file.

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