strange problem with integer ID ending with ZERO

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strange problem with integer ID ending with ZERO

Post by Ritvar » Sun 11 Dec 2005 14:26

:shock: I have strange problem while filling dataset generetad by adapter.
When ID (biginteger unsigned) is like 130, 10, 50 in MySQL table during DataSet filling somewhere were lost
the "0" at the end, so for my suprise I have 13, 1, 5 inside the DataSet.
Where may be a problem?


Post by Guest » Sun 11 Dec 2005 19:48

Excuse my my unprecision in topic header - I mean UNSIGNED BIGINTEGER.
It is really confusing me, especially when I try to imagine how many different possibilities for cross-updating appeares (and deleting).
For example a Customer with one CustomerID loaded by this query will be never updated
SELECT .... WHERE Customers.CustomerID=13560
in same time other customer with CustomerID=1356 will be updated instead in this case.
I saw in MySql that they have same problems with this Type, but in this case other clients (not MySQLDirect .NET) returns normal value for ID of this type.


Post by Serious » Mon 12 Dec 2005 12:49

Please specify what MySQLDirect .NET version you use.
Make sure that you're using latest version (3.20).

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