SELECT command denied to user ...

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SELECT command denied to user ...

Post by valerii.sverdlik » Fri 27 Jan 2012 18:48

Hi! Trying to use dotConnect with EntityFramework and MySql. My ConnectionString is:

When trying to connect to any table of the database I get an exception:

SELECT command denied to user 'user'@'' for table 'OrganizationPlans'

While I was using standard connector(MySql.Data.MySqlClient) I had no this issue. Why can this happen?

Thanks in advance.[/img]

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Post by Shalex » Mon 30 Jan 2012 14:47

Please check if a correct schema (database) name is used in the queries. You can do that with the dbMonitor tool.
Download link:
Documentation: ... nitor.html

If the reason is a schema name, there are two solutions:
1) turn off the generation of the schema name in run-time queries using the IgnoreSchemaName option of EF-provider configuration: ... orkarounds
2) remove Schema attributes from your EntitySets in SSDL (with Entity Developer or with XML Editor).

We have removed your duplicate post.

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