connection problem

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connection problem

Post by » Mon 28 Nov 2005 02:40

Hi ,
I am using MysqlDirect to connect remote Mysql server in My C# application but after 4-5 min I get disconnected and get this error message:
Lost connection to MySQL server during query

does anyone knows how to solve this problem.
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Post by » Mon 28 Nov 2005 03:37

I solved the problem ,

if (maincss.dataHandler.getConnction().Ping()==false)


use ping to check the connection and recreate the connection ,
that is the solution.

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Post by rvr » Mon 12 Dec 2005 19:29

But what's the reason you got disconnected in the first place?



Post by Serious » Wed 14 Dec 2005 14:11

This issue can be caused by some network problems or by server configuration.

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