Error in mapping

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Error in mapping

Post by fernando.tellfree » Mon 11 Jul 2011 12:50


My database has 410 tables each. With version 5.8 I have this error, only with version 6.30. What should I do to be able to map my database?

Follow the image:


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Post by Shalex » Mon 11 Jul 2011 14:47

Please give us the following information:
1) which ORM (Entity Framework, LinqConnect, or NHibernate) are you using?
2) the exact version of your MySQL server;
fernando.tellfree wrote:With version 5.8 I have this error, only with version 6.30.
tell us the exact version ( of dotConnect for MySQL where the problem persists. Have you tried the latest (6.30.185) version?

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Post by fernando.tellfree » Wed 13 Jul 2011 20:36

1) ORM = Entity Framework (Devart Entity Model)

2) 5.1.38-community

3) the problem persists with version =

I think this problem is because the amount of characters of the name of my foreign key is equal to 59, but I'm not sure because the error message is very generic. If this is really, is possible to increase the character limit.

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Post by AndreyR » Thu 14 Jul 2011 10:26

There is no problem with the long constraint names, I have checked this.
Could you please provide us the call stack of the exception?
Here are the steps:
- Open 2 instances of Visual Studio.
- In the first instance, open the project in which you wish to add the model.
- In the second instance, go to Tools->Attach to process...
- Select the first instance of Visual Studio(devenv.exe with an opened project) in the process list.
- Go to Debug->Exceptions and check the Common Language Runtime Exceptions checkbox.
- Ensure that the Enable Just My Code checkbox (Tools->Options->Debugging) is unchecked.
- Perform the steps to get the error in the first instance of Visual Studio.
If the error was catched, please provide us the type of the exception and the call stack.

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