MySQLDirect .NET 3.05 Released!

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MySQLDirect .NET 3.05 Released!

Post by Serious » Fri 21 Oct 2005 12:25

Dear users,

Core Lab team is glad to announce release of the new
MySQLDirect .NET Data Provider version 3.05.

This version includes:
  • DumpMode enumeration added
  • Bug with decimal fields fetch fixed
  • Bug with MySqlCommand designer in MySQLDirect .NET Mobile fixed
  • Bug with minimal installation fixed
  • Bug with prepared statements fixed
  • Bug with retrieving columns metadata fixed
  • Bug with MySqlConnectionStringBuilder in MySQLDirect .NET for .NET Framework 2 fixed
  • Bug with MySqlConnection.Kill() method fixed
  • Bug with dumping binary data with MySqlDump fixed
  • Bug with CommandBuilder parameters generation fixed
  • Bug with MySqlDataReader.GetBoolean method fixed
  • Bug with counting lines on MySqlScript execution fixed
  • Bug with MySqlCommandBuilder.KeyFields editor in MySQLDirect .NET Mobile fixed
MySQL Developer Tools improvements:
  • Edit PrimaryKey from column editor bug fixed
  • Duplicate entry bug on tables having autoincrement fields fixed
Core Lab development team