MySQL Performance Question

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MySQL Performance Question

Post by imagotech » Tue 11 Oct 2005 14:49


I'm using the MySQLDirect.NET for the Compact Framework in a new smart device application. The program will act as an update utility for the devices and polls the MySQL DB periodically (every 12 hours) for new updates. The rows returned from the DB will be around 10-30(50 max). The number of clients will eventually be in the millions (polling at different intervals). The server setup is a Linux cluster of MySQL servers.

My question is what kind of performance is this going to give? It's a loaded question, but what I'm really looking for is... Is this the right way to accomplish my goal?

Any help is appreciated.



Post by Serious » Wed 12 Oct 2005 09:45

We do not foresee any problem that should arise in your application design.
As for performance your scheme is looking quite appropriately for your task but to get accurate performance results you should test your server.

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