DbProviderFactory class with VB .net 2005 Beta 2

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DbProviderFactory class with VB .net 2005 Beta 2

Post by AOG » Wed 05 Oct 2005 11:37

In English:
I am Spanish, Development with Visual BASIC net 2005 Beta 2 and my question is: as it is formed and is used MySqlDirect using the DbProviderFactory class?

En Español:
Desarrollo con Visual Basic .net 2005 Beta 2 y mi pregunta es: ¿como se configura y se utiliza MySqlDirect utilizando la clase DbProviderFactory?

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Post by Serious » Wed 05 Oct 2005 13:09

You can use MySqlDirectFactory class. This class represents a factory
required to create inheritors of generic base classes to use with
See MySQLDirect .NET documentation for additional information and code

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