Incompatible Devart.Data while installing

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Incompatible Devart.Data while installing

Post by JeremyS » Tue 14 Dec 2010 22:52

I have installed dbforge for MySQL 4.50.313 pro. I want to install dotConnect for MySQL 5.50 pro but I keep receiving the following error message when I try to install it.

Incompatible version found.
The installer detected an incompatible version of another Devart product.
If you install several incompatible products, they may fail to function properly. It is recommended that you stop the installation, uninstall old data providers, delete all their assemblies and install the latest version of all products.
Devart.Data assembly version is found in Global Assembly Cache.
This product is compatible with Devart.Data.dll version

I tried reinstalling dbForge again, but it didn't help.

Any ideas?

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Post by JeremyS » Wed 15 Dec 2010 15:58

I finally got it installed in Window 7 but first I had to uninstall the Devart.Data version 5.0.7 from the GAC by using the command line in the following article. ... 20%29.aspx

But note that I had to run the Visual Studio Command Prompt as an administrator, or else I kept getting a "Access Denied" error.

Then I was able to reinstall the dotConnect successfully.

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Post by StanislavK » Fri 17 Dec 2010 15:29

dbForge Studio for MySQL should not install the Devart.Data.dll assembly to the GAC. The probable reason of the problem is that you installed one of Devart data providers onto this machine before. The Devart.Data assembly could have been left in the GAC after uninstall if an error ocurred during it; for example, this could have happened if Visual Studio was opened during uninstall.

JIC: the recommended way to resolve such problem is to perform the following:
- uninstall Devart data providers of older versions;
- clear the Program Files\Devart\dotConnect and Program Files\Common Files\Devart folders;
- remove all Devart.* and policy.*.Devart.* assemblies from the GAC (a simpler way of accessing the GAC is to execute the 'assembly' command in the Start -> Run dialog);
- install the newer version of dotConnect for MySQL (or other Devart data provider).

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