dotConnect for MySQL 5.80 is released!

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dotConnect for MySQL 5.80 is released!

Post by Shalex » Fri 21 May 2010 12:54

Dear users,

Devart is glad to announce the release of the new version of dotConnect for MySQL, enhanced database connectivity solution built over ADO.NET architecture that offers Entity Framework and LINQ to SQL support. New dotConnect for MySQL offers advanced LinqConnect ORM solution (formerly known as Devart LINQ support) closely compatible with Microsoft LINQ to SQL and having its own advanced features.

Devart LINQ to SQL support technology was greatly enchanced and renamed to Devart LinqConnect. Complex types were supported for more precise presentation of the denormalized table structure and for returning specific types from stored procedures and functions. Support for different configurable algorithms for primary key generation was added. LINQ performance was greatly improved. CompiledQueryCache class now allows you to manage automatic caching of compiled LINQ queries.

Here is the complete list of dotConnect for MySQL 5.80.140 features:
  • Supported password salt in ASP.NET membership provider
  • Supported keyboard-interactive SSH protocol authentication
  • Improved Upgrade wizard
  • Fixed bug with Upgrade Wizard on web sites
  • Fixed bug with disposing data table with InterForm ParentRelation
  • Fixed bug with lost InterForm connection
  • Fixed bug with filling DevExpress ASPxGridView in Auto DataPagingMode of MySqlDataSource
  • Fixed bug with hashed passwords in Membership provider
LinqConnect (formerly known as LINQ to MySQL)
  • LINQ to MySQL support is renamed to LinqConnect
  • Added support for Complex type
  • Added support for different configurable algorithms for primary key generation
  • Automatic configurable compiled query caching supported
  • Performance improved
  • Fixed bug with DbLinqDataSource and RadGrid paging
  • Fixed bug with 'Nop' node translation
  • Fixed bug with empty type in specific Group By clause
  • Fixed bug with ArgumentNullException on DataContext.Query().Contains()
  • Fixed bug with Cast() method
  • Fixed bug with binary primary keys
Entity Developer
  • Fixed bug with Properties window
  • Fixed bug with Discriminator property drag&drop
  • Fixed bug on Customization window load
  • Fixed bug with property editor grid updating
  • Fixed bug with Document.Reload
  • Fixed bug with LINQ models on Windows XP 64-bit
Entity Framework support
  • Fixed bug with string concatenation
  • Fixed bug with data type mapping in function result set
Devart development team