CoreLab.Common.DbParameter not in v3 for .net 2?

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CoreLab.Common.DbParameter not in v3 for .net 2?

Post by cemack » Thu 18 Aug 2005 07:21

This class is in v3 of the provider for .net 1.1, but not in v3 for .net 2? There is a DBParameterBase class however...

Can you tell me why? It's causing backwards-compatibility problems with llblgenpro when it attempts to save an entity.




Post by Serious » Thu 18 Aug 2005 10:02

.NET Framework does not guarantee full backward compatibility as well.
CoreLab.Common.DbParameter is not present in the MySQLDirect .NET for .NET Framework 2 because System.Data.DbParameterBase class was added in this version.

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