problems with the layout of the mysqldatatable

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problems with the layout of the mysqldatatable

Post by danielev » Sat 06 Aug 2005 18:23

hallo everybody
I have problems is using the Microsoft Datagrid object with MySqlDataTable.
Basically I am unable to set the column width within the datagrid, see following example:
I want the first column with width=75, the second one width=300 and the third column should be width=500

when I used datagrid with for example sqlserver I was able to access the tablestyle and that is where I set the layout of each column.
I understand this is not possible.

I hope there is a way to overcome this problem, it is not realistic to have a datagrid with a fixed layout (all columns with the same width),
this would be a severe miss that would oblige me to not use the mysqldirect; as I cannot permit myself to present a datagrid with constant width of columns,
as this would be a very bad layout of the software application.

Could somebody please help me.

Many thanks in advance

Devart Team
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Post by Oleg » Tue 09 Aug 2005 07:57

MySqlDataTable behaves itself exactly as DataTable when used as data source for DataGrid. Probably you haven't created columns for MySqlDataTable. Try setting MySqlDataTable.Active to true. In this case the columns will be created automatically.

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