Mysql Type Enumeration - Passing Unsigned Int

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Mysql Type Enumeration - Passing Unsigned Int

Post by ganesan » Wed 27 Jan 2010 12:19

I am trying to pass a very long integer stored as unsigned int in Database. The integer value is greater than the limit of Signed Integer. Is there any way of passing a parameter and tell that it is unsigned integer. The documentation does not provide a way to specify unsigned int


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Post by StanislavK » Wed 27 Jan 2010 14:28

MySqlType.BigInt represents both signed and unsigned 64-bit integers. The code for inserting an unsigned integer to the database should look like the following:

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UInt64 Int = UInt64.MaxValue;
MySqlCommand command = new MySqlCommand("Insert into UInt_Table values (?)", mySqlConnection1);

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