dotConnect for MySQL license cannot be used with TOAD

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dotConnect for MySQL license cannot be used with TOAD

Post by daljeet » Thu 17 Dec 2009 08:17

Hello. I am trying to connect to MySQL with TOAD. I have dotConnect for MySQL (trial) installed on my PC. The very first time TOAD's connection with MySQL worked fine an I worked with that connection across 2 days. However, now after my system re-start, when I am trying to make the same connection, I get following error message:

Assembly that contains embedded dotConnect for MySQL license cannot be used with this application: Toad.
Please correct license information.

Please help me resolve this.

Devart Team
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Post by StanislavK » Thu 17 Dec 2009 15:17

We've investigated the problem. Briefly, it consists in following: TOAD for MySQL uses one of the previous versions of Devart assemblies; after you installed the dotConnect for MySQL trial, TOAD tried to use the newer assemblies from the trial package. As they are for evaluation only, such a try conflicted with the TOAD technical license.

In more details, TOAD stores our assemblies in its local folder, but before using them checks whether they are available in GAC. Installing the dotConnect for MySQL placed the newer version of Devart assemblies to GAC. Our policy files redirect all requests to Devart.*.dll's of older versions to the newer ones, which were trial in your case. Thus, when TOAD restarted, it requested GAC for old Devart dll's, was redirected to the new dll's and crashed as trial dll's didn't allow TOAD to open the connection.

To fix the issue, please delete all Policy.*.Devart.* files from your %Windows%\Assembly\ folder and restart TOAD.

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