Error Image blob field

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Error Image blob field

Post by manoloss » Sat 07 Nov 2009 03:09

I have a problem inserting an image into a blob field.

The problem is that I distorted the image does not fit, with a previous version which occupied if it worked perfectly but I upgrade to version 5.40.49 and after it no longer works correctly, I think the previous version was 5.00.26

If you previously worked well, it means that my logic and my code should be fine, there is a problem or to do some sort of change and look but I find as I hope I can help correct


attached a picture as we see right now and as seen above


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Post by Shalex » Wed 11 Nov 2009 14:27

Could you please send us a small test project with the DDL/DML script to reproduce the problem?

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