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Crystal Reports with MysqlDirect .Net ?

Posted: Fri 08 Jul 2005 19:56
by Wavyx
Is Crystal Reports supported by the MysqlDirect .Net provider? Maybe I miss something but I didn't find how to use the report designer with mysqldirect components?
could someone point me out some documentation or clues ?


Posted: Sun 10 Jul 2005 14:51
by Serious
There is an example called 'Crystal' in demo projects which are distributed with installation package. It demonstrates common practices of using MySqlDirect .NET data provider with Crystal Reports components.

Posted: Sun 10 Jul 2005 15:37
by Wavyx
Thanks for pointing me this demo ;)

Actually, I was looking for a way to directly use ado .net provider in databases sources ou crystal data sources (with the database manager of vstudio). This is not possible, right ?

I guess the easiest way to get a dataset1.xsd is to get a valid dataset from the code and some mysqldirect connection and then write out the schema with dataset.WriteXMLSchema() ?

Posted: Mon 11 Jul 2005 08:38
by Oleg
It is true, the only way to work with Crystal Reports is using .xsd schema. You can generate it with dataset.WriteXMLSchema() method or in design-time using 'Generate DataSet' verb of DataAdapter component.


Posted: Tue 12 Jul 2005 02:16
by scotru
I'm considering trying XtraReports ( which appears to support .NET data binding more directly (both at design and run time)--though I'm having trouble testing it because of the oldValue design time bug right now... hopefully this new release (3.0) will solve that problem.

Posted: Tue 12 Jul 2005 06:31
by Wavyx
thanks for the idea (url: )
another reporting tool is Active Reports: ... uct=ARNET2

Yet, I only test crystal reports till now (since it's provided with visual studio)
but I will appreciate any comment or suggestion for some better tool, or "better" integrated with mysqldirect ;)