Need for MySQL Client Library Licensing?

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Scott Parcel
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Need for MySQL Client Library Licensing?

Post by Scott Parcel » Tue 25 Aug 2009 22:44

We have been told by Sun that we need to license either the database (aka Enterprise license), or, if accessing a community db, we need to license the MySql client libraries (that they assume we are using). We currently use the Corelab dot net MySQL 3.55.17 driver, so we are wondering if we actually use any MySQL client libraries? If not, then are you aware of any obligations we have to Sun when we use your drivers?

Also, I've read that some of your drivers offer two modes of use, one of which I think does use the MySql Client Libraries. Is this true of 3.55.17, can we control this? How do we know which mode we are in? (To our knowledge, the only DLL we are dependent on for db access is the corelab.dll.)

Beyond all this, can you point me to any useful info about MySql licensing. We use MySql, but it is just one option that our customers have.


Devart Team
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Post by Shalex » Wed 26 Aug 2009 16:29

There are two modes of connecting to server in dotConnect for MySQL: Direct mode and Client mode. If the Direct property of the MySqlConnection object is set to true, direct access is used to connect to MySQL server. If Direct=false, MySQL client library (libmysql.dll) is used to access to MySQL server. The default value is true.

Direct mode is preferred. It supports almost every MySQL feature and provides you with easier installation of your application (no need to ship libmysql.dll with the install pack) and makes you more independent of .NET environment settings at the target machine.

To switch to Client mode, set Direct to false. This allows you to use data compression, or to test new client libraries from MySQL AB.

Direct is always true for .NET Compact Framework.

We cannot provide you the information about MySQL licensing. Please contact MySQL support team.

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