Help: How to use dotConnect for MySQL

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Help: How to use dotConnect for MySQL

Post by ton_cut345 » Fri 21 Aug 2009 04:28

Hi Guys,

Sorry for asking this kind of question, I'm new to VS2008 and dotconnect since i'm using delphi 6 in my projects. anyway,

I would like to ask how to use
1. Connection
2. Command
3. DataAdapter
4. CommandBuilder
5. Script
6. DataTable
7. DataSet
8. Loader
9. Dump
10. Monitor
11. DataLink

1. can anybody explain to me how to use this component in design time?
2. can anybody show some example on how to retrieve,insert,delete information using above components in design time?
there documentation is not very good.
3. does it supports stored procedures?

In delphi 6 you can use component to retrieve, insert,delete information in design time.

advance thank you for the help guys.

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Post by Shalex » Fri 21 Aug 2009 10:58

1. Please download dotConnect for MySQL documentation which is available as a single chm file at . You will find a brief explanation on how to use MySqlConnection and MySqlCommand in design time in the Logging Onto The Server and Inserting Data Into Tables tutorials. As for the rest of components, we recommend you to read the corresponding classes description in our documentation. There are run time samples in our docs, but the design time components have the same functionality that can be obtained via context menu or properties window.

2. One of the possible ways of working with data is generating the typed Devart DataSet via the Tools | MySQL | DataSet Wizard menu of Visual Studio. On the last step please select Add this DataSet to designer (use this wizard when Form Designer is active). Then you will find the instance of this DataSet on your Form Designer. Do right click on this DataSet -> Preview Data. This will open data editor for the tables from your DataSet.

3. Stored procedure support is available (MySqlCommand, MySqlDataSet, Linq to SQL, Entity Framework).

If you have any further questions, feel free to contact us.

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Post by ton_cut345 » Fri 21 Aug 2009 13:16

great.. tnx for the help. :D

i'm little bit confused with the components.

if i want to connect to the database, i will use the connection component
if i want to query or use my storedprocedure, i will use the command component

whats next? what if i want to view the data in textbox? i mean bind the data in to the textbox? can i do that? :lol:

please understand for asking some dumb questions. i'm really lost using your dotconnect component.

Thank you for your reply.

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Post by Shalex » Fri 21 Aug 2009 15:54

Please refer to our samples at \Program Files\Devart\dotConnect\MySQL\Samples\ . For example, you can bound the values from the result set of obtained data reader to your textboxes.

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Working visually with devart dot connect and MSVS2008

Post by ifteebuet » Fri 02 Oct 2009 09:04

I was working with devart and microsoft visual studio 2008. I was really new to adding this kind of DLLs and configuring the tools panel. So for people like me I have made a video tutorial. Y

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