New version of dotConnect for MySQL 5.20.29 is released!

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New version of dotConnect for MySQL 5.20.29 is released!

Post by Shalex » Wed 29 Apr 2009 14:35

Dear users,

New version of dotConnect for MySQL 5.20.29 is available for download now.
This version includes:
  • The Charset property supported
  • The PingInterval property for connection maintaining supported
  • Fixed bug with Entity Data Model Wizard in case of ANSI_QUOTES SQL Mode
  • Supported extended errors processing
  • Supported DataLoadOptions class and Include method for tuning data loading
  • Supported DeferredLoadingEnable functionality
  • Supported function import
  • Supported stored procedures as insert/update/delete behavior
  • Supported user-defined functions in selection part of a query
  • Supported CreateDatabase() and DeleteDatabase() methods
  • Supported SqlMethods class
  • Supported returning new Dictionary from query
  • Fixed bug with OnValidate()
  • Fixed bug with associations based on non-Primary keys
  • Fixed bug with SingleOrDefault and BLOBs
  • Fixed bug with update of entities that declare a version member
  • Fixed bug with transactions
  • Fixed bug with ArgumentException in the Contains() method
Entity Developer 2.00
  • Supported Entity Framework
  • Supported stored procedures and functions for LINQ to SQL
  • Added naming rules for database objects
  • Added Visual Studio integration
  • Stability and performance improvements
  • Validation schema improved
  • Entity Framework Complex Type supported
  • Entity Framework Storage Model editing supported
  • Many-to-Many associations retrieving added
  • Usability improvements
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